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Monday, January 13, 2020

"Not Your B Flat Grilled Cheese"

Above is the exact quote from my husband when I served him one of these grilled cheese on Saturday evening.

The reason it's extraordinary is because besides sharp cheddar cheese, I smeared cream cheese with chives and onion on each slice of bread and included bacon between the cheese slices.

I agree with him.  Something about the cream cheese makes it really good.

I use Dave's whole grain bread.  Dan's plate has an extra quarter of a sandwich cut from mine.  He's bigger than me so I figure he should eat more.

Postscript:  I was telling my husband, Dan about this post and how I titled it.  His reaction: "No one will know what B flat means."  He said he got that expression for "ordinary" from someone who played in one of the armed forces bands.  B flat is the tuning note for bands thus just an ordinary note, nothing special.  Now you know if you didn't before.