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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Scotland: Castle Campbell

I have been neglectful of my Scotland report.  I can blame it on having too many photos!

Quoting from the Lonely Planet Guide to Scotland that UnTours provided:
"One of Scotland's most dramatically situated castles, Castle Campbell sits on a spur between two deep, wooded ravines known as the Burn of Sorrow and the Burn of Care.  A former stronghold of the Dukes of Argyll, it was originally 'Castle Gloom'.  There are interesting rooms in the 15th-century tower house, but the main attraction is the spectacular view from the top.  The castle lies a mile north of charming Dollar village, about 11 miles east of Stirling."

We drove up a narrow lane to a car park and then had to walk the rest of the way.

Finally we caught a glimpse of the castle.

At the entry a sign said the castle was closed but their was a car parked there so we ventured in to find it open after all.

The view from the top.

And down over the side.

The burns behind the castle.


And the view from there.

Historic Scotland of which Castle Campbell is a property described the castle like this:
"This was the lowland residence of the powerful Campbell dynasty, where the Protestant reformer John Knox came to preach and Mary Queen of Scots came to feast."

If I remember right one or more of the rooms were labeled as one that Mary would have used.

From the gardens looking back at the castle.

An interesting stop over on one of the days we set out exploring not sure where we'd end up.

I have much more to share.  Be patient.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Walk on a Balmy Saturday After Thanksgiving

The end of November is supposed to be brisk, cold, with a biting wind letting us know that winter is coming.  Not so here!

Saturday Dan and I headed out for a walk on the old Alberton Road in the Patapsco State Park near where we used to live.

First thing we potted was new and old signs of beavers.

The one below reminds me of Marge Simpson, the mother on that cartoon show!

We couldn't see any evidence of a beaver lodge in the river.

Here was a sign of other critters at work.

Others were out enjoying the nice day.

Can you make out the skeleton of a car in this wash?

The town of Daniels used to be along this road, but countless floods took their toll.

 Across the river is a church which did survive: Daniels United Methodist Church.

Heading back to our car.