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Saturday, July 9, 2022

Some Additions and More Blooms

Here's the Sculpture Garden with a new addition under the category Garden Art.  We went to several yard sales last Saturday and I came home with some pots and some garden art.
[A side note: notice not much growing in this bed.  The hosta I planted which are supposed to be mammoth size are much smaller than I expected.  I'm wondering if under the hemlocks is a problem or if the bed is just too dry? Gardeners out there please weigh in.]

Actually we came home with two of these - each $5.  The second one below is in the Maple Garden.

Both are made by Planet Jr USA.

See more about the company here.

Found some on eBay selling for a lot more than $5!

They each has a different uses but don't ask me what.  I think the one below is missing a smaller wheel and a seed cup.

More lilies opened up.

Also this lovely that Emily shared with me from her garden has produced blooms..

I have this volunteer plant.  Beatrice though the blossom on my earlier post was a zucchini or squash.

Here's what's growing.  Not sure what it is. The seeds came from my compost. It's so lush that I hate to pull it out though it crowds some new daylilies. I'm just curious as to what it is but need to keep it off the grass.