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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Loft

Since I've been retired I've been enjoying the loft above our mechanical room especially in the winter time when it's toasty warm. I like sitting there in the afternoon to read and nap.

The idea came to me that I could put a work desk up there and move my sewing machine there or use the space for other crafts - away from the computer! Originally the plan was to build a desk but when we searched for the studs we decided it would be simpler to buy something. Ikea had the perfect set up.

Here's a tour. First, I climb to the loft on alternating tread stairs - more like a sloped ladder but very easy once you get used to it. The stairs start in the laundry room, the garage door is to the right there with my magnet collection.
Once at the top there's a door immediately to the right that goes into the attic. It's to the left in the picture below but not pictured.

At the top of the stairs is a comfy chair, small lamp table, and a footstool (which needs a better fitting pillow).

To the right is this cabinet moved here to make room for the desk. Mostly it stores blow up mattresses which we use in this loft for over flow sleeping beds.

To the right again is this alcove that the desk fits into perfectly. The drawers are on casters and can be rolled out if I need to.

This is the view when I sit in the chair to read. I look out over the front door and beyond into the woods.

I know I will enjoy this space for many years to come.