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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Basel, Switzerland

If you have been reading my blog you know that we took a river cruise on the Rhine from Amsterdam to Basel.  Scroll back to see the previous posts about the trip.

April 2, Easter Monday was disembarkation day.  We learned very quickly that Switzerland is expensive from the short taxi we took from the ship to our hotel.  If we'd known where it was we may have walked it.

Being Easter Monday most everything was closed as we quickly learned by walking the streets of the downtown.  Most of these town photos are devoid of pedestrians.

We then figured out the tram system which we had a free pass on thankfully and headed over to the train station and Tourist Information.  We wanted to see the Alps so we gathered information from the very helpful agent at the TI and walked over to Burger King to make our decision.  Food is expensive too!

We decided that a trip to Lucerne, one hour by train and then to the top of Mt. Pilatus by cable cars and gondolas would give us the view of the Alps we wanted.  So Tuesday was planned. Advanced preview photo below of the Alps.

Wednesday our last full day there would be devoted to visiting several of the many museums in Basel.  Below is the one we spent all morning in.  Front was under renovation.

That left Thursday morning's trip to the airport.  When we spoke to the hotel manager about getting a taxi.  He said take the tram to the RR Station then the bus from there to the airport.  Our free transit passes would mean the cost would be nil!

So here are the last posts I'll have about our trip.
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