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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Our Barn

We have had light snow off and on for a couple of days.  It freshens up what snow is laying on the ground.  It also hides the ice unless you know where it is.

On this Friday afternoon we dressed warm to walk in the field behind our house.  Granddaughter was over and wanted to see the barn again.

In she went with Papa and I followed.  It smelled like a skunk had visited.

I haven't taken an inventory on what was left behind for us.  The previous owner gave us a list.  This large wash tub was on that list.

In the fourth space on the first floor lots of gardening tools have been left.

Upstairs is a semi finished space complete with ceiling fan and world map - see it on the wall under the window.  I want to put a ping pong table here.  Granddaughter was lobbying for a pool table.  She remembers that there was one at the retirement community where we used to live in MD.

Looking out the door up our driveway.

Not sure what kind of key would work in this lock hanging by the door.

There's lots of work to be done to the barn but it's part of being stewards of this bit of history.

Looking back at the barn and the house from the field where we took our walk around.  The red paint never was finished on the back.  Our neighbor's barn seen to the left of ours looks immaculate from the front but the back is in worse shape than ours.

On the far side of the field is a bridge over to very tall old blueberry bushes.  We will pay our neighbor and pick blueberries this summer.