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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Coming Home to Winter

 We arrived home Saturday afternoon after spending a week in Buffalo, NY with daughter Sarah, son in law William and granddaughter #3.  It was a lovely time. Daughter Emily and her family who live nearby here in NH joined us in Buffalo on Wednesday so that the entire family was together for Thanksgiving. 

We realized that it was the first Thanksgiving that we all spent together since both girls were married and had children. When we lived in MD Emily and family rarely made the trip from NH to us because of the distance, age of their children and the short time to visit.  They opted to travel at Christmas instead.

After college Sarah went off to China for several years before returning to DC area for graduate school and work.  She married in 2014 so she and William were closer by for Thanksgivings.

The distance to Buffalo is not that much different than to MD but with NH granddaughters older it was easier to do this year.  Covid prevented it last year. So this may have been the beginning of a tradition for a time - trekking to Buffalo for Thanksgiving.

But look what we came home to!

The calendar may still say it's Fall but outside here it's Winter!