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Thursday, October 9, 2014

What's Colorful Now

I got my camera back this afternoon.
After spending two hours weeding and trimming the last two beds in the perennial garden then planting garlic in the vegetable garden, I took a tour around to note the colors.

Here's my hydrangea in Mom's Garden that can't decide what color it wants to be.

In the perennial garden one of the few bright spots is this chrysanthemum.

Against the wall the knockout rose has a single bud.  The poor plant has taken a beating from the deer and bugs.  And this was to be such a disease resistant variety.

The tulip poplars are turning gold and brown.  The glen garden is just a mass of stems from the hosta. 

A spot of color in the pond garden is this sedum.

 Back to Mom's garden, the Autumn Joy sedum has deepened in color.  What a nice contrast against the lavender to the right, liriope to the left, and the pink muhley grass behind.

This is the first year for the pink muhley grass.  It has been nondescript all summer.  Nice to have this color in October.  Can you see the beauty berry bush behind it?

Here's the beauty berry close up.  It was also a new addition when I redid this garden last spring and dedicated it to my Mom.

All these berries were once pink flowers.  I wonder if I'm going to be pulling up seedlings all spring?

Random Photos from the Past

I'm still without a camera but I understand it has been fixed and is being returned to me soon.

Photos from a trip to British Columbia in May 2012.

A moose sighting!

Aw - Tim Horton's a good place to stop.