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Sunday, May 17, 2015

What to Do With Bok Choy?

I planted way too much bok choy this year.  I started some inside and sowed seeds in the garden too.  What was I thinking?  I use bok choy in stir fry with chicken, pork or beef and that's the extent of my repertoire for bok choy.

Any recipe suggestions?  I know I can pick some and keep in my refrigerator for a week or more but I may have to just give it away or compost the rest.  It will bolt soon.

Spinach is doing really well as are my lettuces.

Here's one head of bok choy harvested last week.

Here's another harvested Sunday evening.

Green leaves chopped to add to stir fry at the end stage.

Chicken marinating.

Stems of bok choy in the wok.

It was a delicious meal.  But what else can I use it for?

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Color Combos

It's iris time in the garden.  I am always struck by the combinations of colors that develop with new blossoms.

Around the Pond Garden the pink of the wiegela with the light purple of the lilac to the left of it combine with the purple of the Siberian iris in front and the green of the ostrich ferns.

The yellow water iris are just peeking out.

Here it's the red of the Japanese maple in the Glen Garden contrasting with all the other greens.

In the Perennial Garden when these two irises bloom I always wonder if I should move one.  The different purple combination is unsettling to me. One is more pink and the other more lavender.

Now these two iris are an interesting pairing of colors.

The iris and the columbine are the same exact color.  How did that happen?

The deepest purple iris in the background goes well with the iris in the foreground.

The clematis flower and the translucent green of the leaves are a nice combination.

More flowers yet to bloom in months ahead in the Perennial Garden.

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