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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sorting More Small Stuff

I've been doing more sorting.

Below are some of the few things I will take with me.

I wrote about my Amish figures here but know I can't take them with me - no room.
I've selected this pair to keep.  Daughters may each take a pair.

I have had a collection of rocks in a printers tray.  I got the idea to dump the shells our of this ginger jar lamp and add my rocks.  That worked but it's also very heavy!

We are selling the stuff we can't take through an online auction site called

I am gathering like objects together to be lots.

This hutch hopefully will find a home with one of the daughters, if not it will sell on the auction.

I have two boxes going, one for each daughter of books I want them to have.

Of course they have the final say if they want to take them home.

So I continue to sweat the small stuff as our tenure as stewards of this house and land comes to an end.