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Thursday, June 16, 2011


I know you have them, too: disappointments. New plants that don't thrive. Plants that don't grow. And plants that get eaten. Here are a few of mine.

Impatiens! I'm impatient for them to grow into the mounds that they used to grow to at my old house. Here in the midst of the woods you would think they would thrive in my glen garden. They aren't and to add insult to injury the ground hog or something has taken to munching on them.

This was a lovely little saxifrage - purple rose. It is the only plant that died during the time I was away. My teen watering team may not have given this one the water it needed or it may have succumbed to the high temps this region had last week. I haven't had much success in this spot with other plants either. Hmm .. could be the soil?

Okay - so my camera focused on the mulch behind but you can see the stems in the foreground have been nibbled. This is on a phlox that I got from a friend in Nebraska. My liquid fence treatment last month is wearing off and needs to be reapplied very soon. This plant won't have many blooms this year.

Rather than purchasing pre-planted hanging baskets I made my own. I bought new liners, fresh soil that holds water, and the plants. This basket looks great in the front but in the back you can see the plant that was to fill that spot didn't survive.

Okay this is a success. I couldn't end on such a negative note! Here's one of my pots planted. The flowers are more pink than the photo shows. Oh well, so my camera is a disappointment. May have to rectify that soon.