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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bunny & Blooms

There's nothing to give you the size of this bunny rabbit, but it is tiny.  So small it fits through the wire fencing around the vegetable garden.  I've scared it out of there and seen evidence its nibbled on ripening green beans.

It is a cute one and I enjoy seeing it in the backyard eating the crabgrass.  Dan noticed it last night up on the deck (one step off the ground so no great distance for it).

In the Perennial Garden the predominate color is now yellow with the black eyed susans blooming.  The moon flower on the trellis gate has grown big but though there have been buds I've missed seeing the blooms.  I believe its an evening bloomer.

The white butterfly bush in its first year has put out the blooms and the butterflies have found it. The fishing line (deer deterrent) is visible there.

Speaking of deer deterrent - I still have hosta.  Love the green of this large one.  

I did have one flaw in my fishing line system that left an opening between my brush fencing and the fishing line.  At least on one occasion a deer got in.  I saw its tracks and with some sleuthing discovered the entry point.  More fishing line went up and that seems to have worked for now.  The final test will be when we are away for a week later this summer.  Deer always seem to know when the coast is clear.