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Sunday, June 26, 2011

What Was That Cry In the Woods?

We don't know. The haunting cry came into our consciousness as we were enjoying a late breakfast on Saturday morning. "Annhhh..." It must have sounded several times before we turned to each other and said "What is that?"

I headed out through the garage because I thought it was coming from the east. Dan headed to the back deck because he had the sense it was coming from the glen. He was right as we joined up on the edge of the glen to listen to the mournful cry "Annhhh..." What was it? It was a single cry, a long silent pause and then it would come again. It definitely was down in the glen. Some animal crying in its own way for help. "Annhhh.."

Dan was barefoot. I had on clogs, but we headed down the path to see if we could find it and the tree that we heard fall one night this past week during dinner. You know that saying, if a tree falls in the woods ...

The cry stopped as we neared the bottom of the glen. No animal or bird in sight that conceivably could have made that sound. A lot of bird songs though, almost deafening in their intensity. We gazed up in awe at the canopy formed by the trees. Some of them must be 10 or more stories high. But no recently fallen tree or large limb. Maybe the saying should be if a tree falls in the woods can you find it?

We walked the entire length of the trail through the glen coming out on the driveway. Whatever it was stayed silent while we were there. Up the driveway and back to the yard bordering the top of the glen. Then we heard the call again. Was it a bird? Was it a young fledgling lost from its parent? Do fawns have mournful cries? What was it? Will we ever know? "Annhhh..."