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Friday, August 9, 2013

August Vegetable Garden Status

The garden has been producing as these photos will attest to.

But I had let the weeds grow and the tomato plants flop and the blueberry bushes die so it was time to tackle that garden this morning.

Here are three before photos.

These are two blueberry bushes against the fence that are doing okay, not great but I'll let them be for now.  The one on the left did produce this year.

Below can you see the dying blueberry bush at the corner of the fence?  That one and the one on the left have been pulled out.  I was surprised how easy that was and how few roots they had.  You can see how the crab grass has taken hold despite the mulching.  

This yellow tomato has been a disaster so it and the one next to it are gone now.

My volunteer from the squash family is a pumpkin.  It's mingled with butternut squash that I planted on the fence but the pumpkin has more fruit.

Here's the start of the after shots.

Tomatoes tied up better but I will be placing an order for more tomato ladders.

Below the cane fencing is where I planted snow peas.

Blueberry bushes are gone and so is the crab grass.  I think I'll measure for more raised beds.  My hopes for blueberries are mostly over.  Not sure why that spot did not work for them.

In front of the cucumbers I've planted tatsoi.

The garlic bed got spinach and mesclun seeds.

At the end of one of the tomato beds is pak choi seeded.

Tomatoes looking better for the staking.

Lots of green ones yet to ripen.

Basil and peppers by the gate.