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Friday, July 11, 2014

Cotswolds Walking Tour - Day 4

This is the fourth of seven posts on our walking tour through the English countryside of the Cotswolds. We took a self-guided tour arranged by English Lakeland Ramblers which meant they provided the B & B accommodations, the transport of our luggage and detailed instructions and maps. It went amazingly smoothly.

Day 4: Guiting Power to Winchcombe. 6 miles
Walk Description: "Walk through woods and fields before the dramatic descent to the ancient Saxon capital of Winchcombe, close to Sudeley Castle, last resting place of Katherine Parr, Henry VIII's sixth wife."

We start the day walking with the sheep.

Another beautiful day.  We never experienced a drop of rain until we got to London later in our trip.

The trail took us up the driveway of this house and then veered off into a field.

Gypsy caravan?

Into the woods.

We came out of the woods high on the hilltop.

Winchcombe seen with zoom lens.

We had a ways to go yet.

Stopping for elevenses: water and biscuits aka cookies.

Ancient trees.

My one spill was walking across this bridge.

On the castle grounds.

[More photos of the castle and other architectural features we saw on our walk will be the subject of another post.  You can see some of the gardens here.]