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Friday, May 11, 2018

Alsatian Town of Riquewihr

We docked in Breisach, Germany but on the other side was France.  Dan chose the bike tour again, staying in Germany and biking almost to the Black Forest.  It was a rather strenuous ride only because the guides had them stop in a coffee shop for hot cocoa and then realized they needed to back in less time than it took them to bike there.  Plus it was uphill!

I chose France and a visit to this town in Alsace.

The description said "Step back in time this morning with a visit to the enchanting Alsatian town of Riquewihr.  Having survived World War II without damage, this charming 

medieval hamlet looks more or less the same as it did in the 16th century.  On your walking tour, admire Riquewihr's historical architecture, frozen in time, and its surrounding vineyards as well as famous sights such as the Older Gate.  while there, enjoy a visit to a winery for a tasting of locally produced Alsatian wines."

The wine tasting happened early: 10 am!  But I did partake.

We had an informative tour and then time to shop which I did with success for granddaughters and myself.

It was a very colorful town.

Dolder Gate above on right.

Here's the old wall around the town.

You have to be connected to the town in order to buy property here.  Someone in our group asked about that.

I never saw a stork but here's the nest of one.  They can be quite heavy so most houses have a special place for the stork to nest instead of the chimney.

Next stop Basel, Switzerland and time to disembark.