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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Poinsettia Tree

Last century when the daughters were young, the Columbia Mall built a poinsettia tree in the middle of the center fountain area.  Sometime in this century a renovation of the Mall eliminated the fountain area by paving it over.  The poinsettia tree placement there disappeared for a time until complaints asking for its return.

I don't often shop at the Columbia Mall and especially have avoided it at the holiday shopping times but Friday Dan and I went to see Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers at the AMC theatre there and then had dinner in the food court in the Mall.  The shortest walk back to our car to avoid the rain was through the Mall and past the poinsettia tree.

I don't think it looks quite like it used to.  It looks too crowded in the space.  There was something special about being built in the fountain pool before that set it off nicely.  At least its back.

By the way the Mr. Rogers movie is a gem!  A must see if you have a chance.  Tom Hanks really becomes the character he's playing quite masterfully.  The one critical comment I had was there was no mention of Mr. Rogers being an ordained Presbyterian minister and his show was his ministry.

[I'm back from hibernation because I found myself caught up with all the Christmas to do list for now.]