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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Labor Day Parade

Who doesn't love a parade?

Each Labor Day Greenbelt, MD where daughter and family live there is the largest Labor Day parade  in Maryland.  (Source: daughter). Being an election year it brought out some of the candidates. Though a very hot and muggy day it didn't deter the participants. We found a shady hillside viewing spot near the end of the route and just before the reviewing stand.

Color guard leads it off.  The Maryland flag caught the little bit of wind there was.

Fife and drums in very hot looking uniforms.

Senator Ben Cardin was somewhere on this old fire truck.  He's up for reelection in November.


Lots of police ...

on bikes,


and then cars representing Greenbelt's police force, plus surrounding jurisdictions including US Park police on horseback.

Teachers union members were out in force making a statement about gun violence.

The current Republican governor didn't show up but his Democratic challenger did,

and he pressed the flesh as he walked.

An old Studebaker.

Not sure what the crowns signify.  Misses Greenbelt?

Not very many labor unions, but the Sheet Metal Workers were out in force.

The only real float in the parade was for Greenbelt Park.

No rain on this parade! A real slice of Americana.