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Sunday, July 1, 2018

A Walk I Like to Take

I like to walk around Wilde Lake here in downtown Columbia, MD.

Looking back at my starting point: Vantage House,

I head down the sidewalk to

Little Patuxent Parkway where I wait for the walk light.

Along the sidewalk on the other side,

I turn left and connect with the pathway around the lake.

My first view of the lake is the dam.

I take a right and head up a slight hill

where I can see the dam up close.

Then there's the lake.

Continuing on the path takes me to a dock of sorts.

Across the street is one of the original houses predating Columbia.

The house has been added on to over the years and

has become rather large.

Farther down the path I can see an original barn

with its very red roof.

The lake is surrounded by a mix of condominium apartments, townhomes, and single family houses.

At the top end of the lake I cross a bridge over the stream that fills the lake

and turn left.

On this side the path brings me to a street so

I have to walk on the sidewalk for a bit.

Eventually the path appears again on my left and I return to walk along the lake.

The path makes many turns going around several coves.

One last look at the lake before heading 

downhill with the dam on my left.

The last stretch back to the sidewalk.

Glancing to my right I can see Vantage House, my home, above the tree line in the distance.

I return there after enjoying a great walk around the lake.