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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Maple Creamees

We had heard about Mac's Maple from Emily so last Saturday morning after taking the trash and recycling to the recycling center we went to find it.  It was too cold for creamees but we did buy Canadian bacon and half a dozen doughnuts.  The doughnuts were amazing.

Mac's Maple is owned by the McNamara Dairy which sits right next door.  So combining maple with soft ice cream takes the best of both,

The store will require another visit come Christmas time.

Sunday we loaded the car and all 6 of us headed to Mac's for creamees. You can only order from the car (Covid restrictions) but can eat it on their grounds.  We unloaded three (Matt and granddaughters) from the car and three of us managed to carry six orders.  Only two were like the one below: waffle cone with soft ice cream and maple candy sprinkled on top. 

I ate the whole thing!  It was a late lunch!  Even the waffle cone had maple flavoring.

Better photos and more about Mac's Maple here.