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Sunday, December 20, 2009

December Snow Storm

We were hit with a major snow storm that started on Friday night and lasted through Saturday night. To keep ahead of the snow Dan snow blowed the driveway twice. I shoveled the section next to the garage three times. We woke this morning to another 4-6 inches which we took care of this morning. We salted it and then took a walk down the driveway and up the lane to see if the newspaper was there. It wasn't but Saturday's mail was. Our neighbor said the mailwoman came in the midst of the storm being driven by someone else.

Here are some photos.

Dogwood Road

Entry to the lane

The lane looking down towards us.

Bottom section of our driveway. Dan couldn't get to the pavement here. It doesn't get much sun so we hope the salt will help.

Straight away section.

The house through the woods on top of the hill.

The curve and the hill.

The steep part of the driveway. Fortunately at this time of year the sun hits it in the morning and the snow will melt.

The house with piles from shoveling.

The pond. The bench is covered with snow.

The front door before it was shoveled out.