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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Springfield, IL - Lincoln's Town

Last week we traveled west to join a Road Scholar trip in St. Charles, MO.  More on that in future posts.  On the way we stopped over in Springfield, IL to see Lincoln's home, Library and Museum.  The former is a National Park and free while the latter is a private entity with admission that was well worth it.

Lincoln's home - originally a single story had a second story added with very high ceilings.  It's draped with mourning bunting.

The Park Service owns the entire two blocks which is closed off to vehicular traffic.

The front parlor.

Lincolns law practice was very lucrative as you can see from the way these rooms are decorated.

Mrs. Lincoln's sewing desk below.

Lincoln's bed

Adjoining room for Mrs. Lincoln.

Lincoln's shaving mirror mounted rather high.

The kitchen where Mrs. Lincoln became an accomplished cook with assistance from servants.

The stove was a gift to Mary from Abe.

Lincoln's law office behind statues.

Old State capitol.

Lincoln's tomb.

It was pilgrimage weekend for the Boy Scouts.  Here the honor guard is entering the tomb to stand guard.

At the Lincoln Museum photos were limited to the plaza.

If you go plan to spend a good two hours in the Museum.  It is well worth the price and the visit.