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Monday, August 16, 2021

Mount Rushmore of the East?

 My daughter read that Pratt Rock was described in the tourist publication as Mount Rushmore of the East.  That was a bit of a stretch we thought after we visited there.

Zadock Pratt was responsible for Pratt Rock.  He commissioned the sculptor.

Pratt's tannery was supposed to be the biggest in America at the time.  Notice he also served as a Congressman and was married 5 times, twice he married sisters.  None of his descendants survived to carry on his line.

The town of Prattsville, NY is just down the road.  The kiosk gave some background but I found this description of the geology rather fascinating.

The path was up the side of the mountain to see the carvings.

Granddaughter #3 walked the whole way.

There were several switchbacks going up.

Looking up we could see the carvings above us.

Here a bench had been carved out.

Sorry, can't remember if this is supposed to be Pratt or his son who died during the Civil War after the 2nd Battle of Manassas.

Looking out across the land gave us this view.

More carvings.

Another bench.

Not sure who first painted the carvings white, but without that paint they wouldn't be very visible.

This was surprisingly a popular spot.  We were the first car in the lot when we came in the morning, but when we returned to the car there were at least 4 other cars there.  We had passed several groups climbing up after us.  I guess the tourist magazine description must have had others wondering what this was about.