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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Scotland - Standing Stones

One of the fascinating things we looked for when we were in Scotland were standing stones of various vintages.

The first one we saw was in the Dunblane Cathedral.

On one side was this cross.

On the other side were Pictish symbols.

The pamphlet I got on the cathedral says:
"Standing at the west end is a large, carved cross which was discovered in 1873 beneath the floor of the chapter house.  It may be a legacy from an earlier church on this site and perhaps dates from the 9th century."  
A photo in the pamphlet shows the side with the symbols and labels it as a Pictish cross.

We returned for another look at the stone cross near the end of our trip and noticed this sign on the wall.

There was a second slab we hadn't noticed before with intricate designs on the side.  The backside of the other stone is there on the left.

It is a lovely carving, one of many we saw.