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Monday, December 5, 2016

Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture

Thursday December 1st I had the opportunity to see this newest Smithsonian Museum.  It opened this fall and is very popular.  So popular that you have to obtain a timed ticket to enter.  Tickets are free but very difficult to get on short notice.  Our recreation director here at Vantage House snagged some for the 10 am opening time that day.  Lines were long waiting to enter.  Very strict security measures too just as you pass through the doors.

Here are a few photos that feature the architecture and spaces in the building.  It was much too crowded to take photos of the many exhibits.

The museum is in the shadow of the Washington monument.

Inside is full of light.

Escalators take you up or down.  Below the lobby there is a concourse and then three levels below that is where the history exhibits begin.

Going up is another three levels of culture exhibits.

On the concourse you enter a huge elevator to take you down the three levels.

See what I mean about the crowds.

There are soaring spaces.

One of the Tuskegee Airmen planes.

Lots of videos from as far back as they were made.

The grill work is reminiscent of what was made by African-American craftsmen of New Orleans and Charleston.  It covers the outside of the building.

Chuck Berry's Eldorado.

Here's the outside.  Too big for me to get into one frame from where I was standing.

Well worth the trip.