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Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Getaway

We spent the weekend in Selinsgrove, PA along the Susquehanna River. The highlight of the weekend was a 2 hour tour of the river in a flat-bottomed john boat conducted by Jim Charles of Isle of Que River Guides.

The Susquehanna is much wider than we thought. What we judged to be the far shore were islands. There are lots of them and they all have names. Some were farmed in years past since they have incredible soil from the silt deposited.

Its a shallow river which was a surprise too. There are spots where one can wade across on the rocky ridges that angle through the water. The boat with its low draft just made it over some of those spots, but when the water level drops, Jim will have to push the boat over to clear it
We saw lots of great blue herons which kept us company on the shore line. There were also bald eagle sightings but no capture on photos. Too camera shy.

We stayed two nights at the Potteiger House Bed and Breakfast. Our hosts Leo and Karen provided wonderful accommodations and delicious breakfasts.

Downtown Selinsgrove was one block from the B and B so we walked to dinner each evening and even took an after dinner walk to the Isle of Que to see the river again our last evening there. It was the perfect get away weekend.

See more photos of the river at my Shutterfly site.

Harvest Monday

Long green things and round red things have had the stage for this past week's harvests. Yep, the zucchini and cucumbers are making their presence known as are some peppers and now the tomatoes are debuting, too. There was an Amish paste out there on Sunday with a nice reddish glow to it but it's still an understudy and will have to wait to debut next week.

Deliciously sweet cherry tomatoes

Dill for refrigerator pickles

Cucumbers for the same.

Peppers and zucchini.

First Rutgers tomato and last of the beans.

More zucchini!

More cherry tomatoes and another cucumber for the jar in the refrigerator.

Second Rutgers and more cherries.

Picked Monday morning. I'll have to re-read Our Happy Acre's recipe for freezing zucchinis.

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