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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Granddaughter A goes to the Zoo

My granddaughter just departed this morning after a wonderful long visit with us.  High on the list of things to do was to take her and her mom and dad to the National Zoo in Washington, DC.  A is enamored with animals, especially elephants, lions, gorillas and panda bears.  

We arrived fairly early on Sunday morning and though the panda buildings didn't open until 10 am the pandas we were told were in the yard so we avoided the later crowds to see them.

The youngest panda was on its morning stroll and came by the glass viewing area where we waited for the building to open in 5 minutes.  And no, A is not feeding the panda.  She was feeding herself a snack.

Here is A admiring the flamingoes maybe even trying the one legged stance.

On her daddy's shoulders in the elephant community house.

Watching the lion.

And checking out the poses of the gorilla.

It was a very fun day.