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Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Project Completed

 On January 4th I wrote HERE about the bathroom project we'd started.

Now I can report that it's done!

Between the time that the plumber came to give us an estimate and the dates scheduled for them to make the changes (4 days starting January 25th), I managed to paint the cabinets over the washer and dryer to match the vanity we'd selected.  Dan got beaded board to cover the lousy looking wall under the windows and that got painting gray as well. All the items we'd ordered arrived in plenty of time including the washer and dryer which arrived first.

We did have some glitchs.  When the plumber arrived on the 25th the tub didn't!  It didn't come until Friday afternoon the 26th.  There were enough items on the plumber's list that he reordered his list. Tub was to be installed on Tuesday the 30th but the plumber came down with the bug going through the business. The apprentice came to move the toilet out so when the flooring came on Wednesday the 31st it could proceed.  Tub then installed on February 2nd.  

Once the tub was in Dan set to work to do the drywall which he completed on Sunday night so painting, my job could happen today.

I am moved back in, have tried the new tub, and am enjoying the new look.

Here are the photos.

Old vanity with medicine cabinet removed.  Lights were installed shortly after we moved here so no need to change.

Curtains and valences to stay.

Old tub with glass doors. When this was removed the date on it said 1986.

We replaced the medicine cabinet with just a mirror.  You can see the cabinets on the opposite wall that I painted. Dan pulled off the front of old vanity in preparation for its removal.

New washer and dryer.  Dryer vents from the side and goes down into basement then outside.

The toilet was new in 2021 when we first had this plumbing company do repairs for us.  You can see the beaded board I painted.

Tub removed revealed these wide boards. This would have been an outside wall to barn at one time. No artifacts were found unfortunately.

Toilet removed to guest room.  See the old flooring.

View of new flooring and new vanity.

New flooring looks like slate but it's not.  We like it a lot.

Back in to bathroom

New shower curtain to match the rainbow dots on the curtains.

Shower with a wand.

One of two grab bars installed.

View from guest room. Ready for the next guests to use it.