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Friday, July 2, 2021

Doubting No Longer

Several weeks ago we doubted whether the barn guy would even honor his commitment. He never showed up despite his statements he'd be here. But we are doubting no longer.

That 4 wheeled Bobcat drove in this morning with our barn whisperer at the helm.  It will be used to move sand once that's delivered.


Before that can happen the foundations have to be rebuilt of stone and pressure treated lumber. And at some point the precast pier or footer resting on the back of this truck needs to be placed between the two bays which requires a four foot hole to be dug.

The barn whisperer brought in help today - a young man who he mentored as an Eagle Scout. He definitely has the biceps to help. As I write he is leveling stones under the barn sides for the foundation. 
6 x 6 pieces of pressure treated lumber are being hammered on top of the stones to support the barn.

In other developments the carpenter has not shown up all week though has been communicating by email. 
Apparently he had a deck to finish for the 4th which he didn't plan his time well for.

Below is the step out of the slider.

We have shortened the length of the deck but rather than replacing only the decayed decking we are redoing the whole top.  The supports are fine.

In opening up the stairs on the deck rotted wood was found on clapboards and foundation that hadn't seen the light of day since deck was constructed 30 years ago.  That has been partially fixed.  

All the potted plants I had on the deck are gathered together in that patch to the left of what was the stairs.

All we can do is wait as we do for the tree/landscape company who did come and trim trees along the driveway a week ago. There is so much more that we contracted for them to do.
 And the flooring repair we have been promised for more than a month. I wrote again this morning but heard nothing back.

Is this the downside of being relatively patient nice customers?