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Monday, February 15, 2021

Random Notes from Here

The paperwhite I wrote about on the 13th has opened up.

I've added some other plants to the house.  My Valentine's Day presents selected by me from Home Depot.  Above is what I call Mother-in-law Tongue.  And below is a ZZZ plant.  I had one of those at the last house we owned in Maryland and found it to be an easy plant to care for.

The poinsettia from Christmas is still doing fine.  It likes its placement in the front window.

In other news, we have a team in the cellar replacing support poles.  The inspection report described what was there as temporary supports.  We had Lyle Parry come and take a look and yes, they were temporary so 4 permanent ones are being installed.  There's another construction crew due today too, to dig up the dirt half of the cellar and prep it for concrete flooring.  Needed for radon mitigation.

An old house requires work!  We have had locksmith, plumber, appliance repairman, and HVAC so far.  Electricians due next week.

The third puzzle since we moved here is almost done.  This one only has 500 pieces.

And the last newsy note is that I got on a pair of snowshoes last week and took a walk across the field and back.  It was fun but slow going because you have stay aware of where your feet are so you don't step on the snowshoe.  I managed to stay upright the whole time.  These were daughter's snowshoes.  I hope to have some more fun in the snow this week after the big snow comes through.  Let's hope we stay north of the sleet and freezing rain line.