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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Tuesday was a picture perfect day for a trip to the Bowie Bay Sox Stadium for their game with the Flying Squirrels of Richmond, VA.

The Bay Sox are a farm team for the Baltimore Orioles.  The Richmond team is one for San Francisco.  The Bay Sox's record going into this game was 5 wins, 19 losses.  The Richmond team was just a bit better.

It was STEM Day and College Fair Day at the stadium so the stands were kind of filled with mostly middle school students who paid no attention to the game.  It was a low turn out day for baseball watchers, but the 7 of us from Vantage House enjoyed ourselves.

Amazingly enough the home team won 6-4!  We saw some grand homers!

A fun time was had by all.