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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Scotland - Doune Castle

Doune Castle was the very first castle we visited and our first hair raising experience driving on the left without our guide Val to follow.

Doune is known to Monty Python fans as the castle used in the 1975 movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

This is what Lonely Planet's guide for Scotland says:
" of the best-preserved medieval fortresses in Scotland, having remained largely unchanged since it was built for the Duke of Albany in the 14th century."

It goes on to say: " The castle was a favorite hunting lodge, but was also of great strategic importance because it controlled the route between the Lowlands and the Highlands ... the loft gatehouse is very impressive, rising nearly 30m."

Here are the outer walls.

The inside has been used recently for scenes for the show Outlander.

That arched recess is a fireplace.

Winding staircases galore.

The cathedral like Great Hall.

Dark winding staircases!

The Dukes private chambers if I remember correctly.

This was our first experience using the GPS or satnav in the rental car.  We put in the postal code for Doune Castle and when we got close we followed the signs where to turn.  The satnav was upset and told us to turnaround when it was obvious that the entry to the castle was ahead.  This only happened a couple of times thankfully.