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Monday, June 13, 2011

A Rainy Garden Visit: Part 2 - Inspiration Plantings

Emily and I took a little jaunt on Saturday to see Cider Hill Gardens and Gallery in Windsor, VT. I learned about this place when I went to the Vermont Show House.

I am always inspired by seeing what other gardeners do. Last year it was a visit to the Amish country of Ohio that inspired me to make a miniature garden. A visit to the Philadelphia Flower Show inspired the making of a terrarium garden.

These hostas in the tufa pot are lovely. Should I try to replicate that?

Gardens in Vermont have incredible rock walls to work with. I don't think I can replicate those.

But seeing some of the sizes of their plants inspires me to be patient and let mine grow.

I've seen the ads for millstones but I'm not inspired to get one. Can you imagine how that was put into place?

Hostas in a long view gives me a look into the future of my glen garden with its hosta assortment.

Allowing plants to naturally grow together is an inspiration to me too.

Finally I think I will be inspired to find some shrubbery that will thrive on the edge of the woods. I know just the spot for them.