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Sunday, June 18, 2017

What I'm Reading Now

Sometime this past year we saw a production of Nicholas Nickelby at Everyman Theatre.  In the program they had a listing of all the books written by Charles Dickens.  It got me thinking I'd like to read all those books in order written.

This past week I started Pickwick Papers.  It's rather funny in places, intentionally.  It's also a picture back in time more so than a historical novel would be.  Dickens is writing and lampooning characters in his time period.

I got the book from the Vantage House library.  I've checked out two more since our library here will be closing for renovations.  I'll need to find Oliver Twist though.  It's number 2 on the list but it wasn't on the shelf.  The public library should have it.

Have you read any Charles Dickens books lately?