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Saturday, September 5, 2020

Robert Frost

Friday, September 4th we were traveling near Derry, NH and I saw on the map a red dot for the Robert Frost Farm State Historical Site (Link here).  It was one of those serendipitous findings because that was the first day the site was open to visitors this year!  And though tours of the house were not available the staff person on site was there to give us a most thorough oral tour along with photographs of the inside.

When I think of Robert Frost and his poems I think of him as someone grounded in New Hampshire. That his home would be somewhere he had resided for most of his life.  Wrong! I was very surprised to learn he was born in San Francisco and the longest he lived anywhere was at this farm and that was for only 11 years.  He was a writer and poet from youth but sought other forms of employment including farming and teaching before he finally was published at age 40!  That didn't happen until he lived abroad in England.

The farm is very beautiful and typical New England.  His daughter Lesley was instrumental in getting the state to purchase it upon Frost's death after 1963.  The family didn't own it because Frost sold it after 11 years.  His grandfather purchased it for him with the stipulation that he reside there 11 years before he could assume ownership.  

The farm was called Frosty Acres when the state purchased it and it was an auto junk yard! The owners claimed that Frosty was not a play on Robert Frost's name but the weather!

If you're near Derry, NH on a weekend it's worth the stop.