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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Road Scholar Trip - Day 3

We took our very first Road Scholar Trip titled "Mark Twain and the Mississippi, Lewis and Clark and The Civil War".  The draw was Mark Twain but all of it was wonderful.

Day 3 of our trip took us over to Illinois to the site where Lewis and Clark wintered before setting out on their trip west.  The camp has been recreated as has a settler's cabin from that time period.

In the afternoon after a lunch on the main street of St. Charles, we were to have a narrated bus tour of St. Charles. Unfortunately the bus we had was belching exhaust and our guide turned the engine off.  Well, the reason the driver had the bus running was that it wouldn't start without jumper cables so as we awaited the repair truck the costumed guide gave us the tour standing on the street.

From there we walked to the Lewis and Clark Boat House and Nature Center on the Missouri River.  Afterward the rest of the day was our own.

Camp Dubois - winter camp

The re-enactor took a different slant to the Lewis and Clark saga especially concerning Sacagawea's part in it.  I don't think any of us listening agreed with him.

At the Lewis and Clark Museum (my only photo) Dan is standing under a cutaway of the type of keel boat they took up the Missouri with every nook and cranny packed with supplies.

Views of the Missouri from the museum.  We could see this river from our hotel room.

Sorry no photos of  charming St. Charles, MO.  The two mornings I took walks down the Main Street I didn't take a camera.

You can see some here.