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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Summer Reruns - 5

Taking a summer hiatus of sorts and as with TV shows, I'm offering some reruns.

Here's one from July 2018 - a day trip to Calvert Cliffs.

The western shore of the Chesapeake Bay has some incredible cliffs that have been eroding through time.  Many of these are now in state ownership to preserve them.  They are known for the fossils that can be washed out including shark teeth.
Sunday the 8th we headed to Calvert Cliffs State Park arriving about 11 am.  The parking lots were filling fast.  We parked and took the trail to the beach, 1.8 miles away.

The trail was through some very lovely woods and along side a creek which became wetlands 

 partially due to the beaver dam.  

The creek emptied into the bay at a small beach.

The cliffs to north and south were closed to the public.  

Above looking north.  Below the creek we had to cross at the bay to go south.

It was high tide too so the little strip of sand was a bit crowded. 

We stayed a bit and chatted with a local resident at a picnic table and then headed back.  We passed so many people, adults, children, babies and dogs headed to the beach.  Many looked like they planned to stay awhile with their chairs and coolers.  I don't know how they would all fit.

We didn't find any fossils but someone had left this on the picnic table.  If you look closely you can see the fossils of shells.

The Chesapeake is a major waterway to and from Baltimore.  A large container or tanker ship passed by.

We took a detour after leaving the park to find the Bay House - a vacation home that my parents built in the early 1960s.  Despite all the development and new roads I got us to Drum Point and to the street.  Someone was mowing the lawn when I took this photo.  I spoke to him and discovered he lived across the street and was mowing for the owners who were on vacation.  The development is no longer a vacation home community.  People commute to Washington or across the Patuxent River to St. Mary's County and the Naval base there.

I sent the photos to my siblings and it generated lots of memories for them and for me.