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Thursday, July 13, 2023

Bellows Falls, VT

 We had read in a book about NH that Bellows Falls on the eastern edge of Vermont on the Connecticut River is where you can see two ancient continents coming together. NH's geology was from one continent and VT's from another, though now I can find nothing on the internet about this.

Anyway, Sunday last we set off to explore and have lunch in Bellows Falls.  The map said there was a welcome center but it wasn't opened.  We did manage to find the gorge and the bridge that is closed from VT to NH.

Here's the bridge looking towards NH.

Looking back towards Bellows Falls.

Can you see the train junk yard in NH below?

Under the bridge is the gorge.  That's an old railroad bridge at the top of the photo.

To us the rocks on the right (above) and left (below) that are in NH look different than the VT side rocks.

There are supposed to be petroglyphs here.  We didn't see them.

Here's a photo from the internet.  And here's more information about them HERE.

From the bridge we went to find a place for lunch and settled on a local pub.

A lovely old spot with friendly staff and good beer and food.

From there we walked the business district, reading the historical markers,

stopping for dessert and coffee at  the Flat Iron Exchange.

Then it was time to head home because skies were getting darker.  Just enough time to grab a shot of a remade fire station and a mural.

In our car with raindrops falling we explored the old warehouse district now a park and someone was creative with these old window spaces.

A nice get away afternoon and back home before the rain started where we live.