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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

New Garden Art

 We have a lot of rocks in our soil as we have discovered with the grading work we had done last year. It's the nature of this land and why stone walls are so prevalent.

I've always wanted to make a First Man  or Inukshuk [Wikipedia] after we saw them in Glacier National Park and in Banff in 1999.

Here's a magnet from Canada as a small example.

On our 1999 trip we hiked the Highline Trail in Glacier National Park and there were these statues all over the place. I made this one while I sat and enjoyed the scenery.

Sunday I finally made one for the garden. Sorry there's no sense of scale but it's over two feet tall.

I wanted to build it before I planted a wide variety of Hosta in this bed. I didn't have cement and hope it stays up.  It fell multiple times as I attempted to get it all balanced. The largest stones were very weighty.