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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

After Dinner Hike

On Labor Day after a nice dinner with daughter and her family we drove to this tree farm in Cornish that the owner has opened up for hiking.  She even provides a trail map.  Our destination this evening was the Top of the World.  And yes, at first the climb was steep in the fields to reach the start of the trail that then circled the hill to reach the summit.  Oh, what a view awaited us there.

Here's the restored barn, available to rent.

Starting the climb in the field.  See the grapevine sheep there?

The trail to the Top of the World is home to old stuffed animals or stuffies as they are now referred to.  Granddaughter brought this one to contribute but then picked it up on our way out to take it back home.

Lots of birdhouses line the sides of the trail.  And what a wonderful trail to a walk on!

Top of the World!
That's Mount Ascutney in Vermont.

Notice the picnic table and chairs? We sat and watched the sky darken.

On the side of the barn is this map. Can you see what it's made out of?

Here's a close up of New England.

And to get a sense of the size here's oldest granddaughter standing in front of it.