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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Outside My Window

Outside my study window is one of my birdfeeders.  It's placed in the Pond Garden.

Sunday morning it was a busy spot but the newcomer I noticed was the junco below.
It was under the feeder looking for the droppings of seed bits.  Juncoes or snowbirds are a harbinger of winter to come.

This feeder gets emptied fast because the goldfinch (not gold at this time of year) sit there and eat.

The tufted titmouse manages to squeeze in to get one sunflower seed which they take to a branch to open between their feet.

The purple finch is also another that monopolizes the feeder.

These birds must travel to other feeders through the day - equal opportunity feeding.

Hang on their chickadee, your turn will come.

Later Sunday morning I heard a loud thump on the window.  I looked up in time to see mourning doves scattering but no sign of a hawk in pursuit.  Below the window was one dove that took a direct hit on the window.  It didn't survive.  By Monday morning the corpse was gone - food for the fox, I'm sure.