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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Green Discoveries

This is the field behind our house.  It is a glorious shade of green right now.  You can see just a tinge of colors in the trees beyond.


Here is our house where the grass is also a spectacular green.  Reminds me of Scotland.
The doors open are in the bulkhead going into the basement.  The piping up the side of the house is the radon abatement system that has done a great job reducing the radon in the house. Unlike Maryland where we had to put in an abatement system for the new owners of the house we sold in 2016, NH has no such law.  The radon reading was not even a requirement of the house inspection.

Spring is discovery time outside. This bush has buds swelling but I'm not sure what this is.  Weigela?

Another plant coming up nearer the house I mistook for asparagus.  It's not but I don't know what it is.

Two different mushrooms are growing at the base of a stump that sits next to the foundation

We have forsythia blooming.  It was planted at the well head.

This stand of lilac has grown on a pile.  We think the pile was put there when the basement was first dug out under the extension of the house.  I say the whole thing needs to go.

Nearer the deck is this massive lilac - some trunks as big as trees.  There are lilacs all over the property that need clearing out.

The grass in one spot is filled with violets.

Here's a volunteer in a plot that was once a vegetable garden.  Looks like some sort of squash.  I'm tempted to let it be just to see what it is.  Other plants in the space need transplanting (irises and day lilies) or taming (mint).

The yard is a work in progress - many years of work I'm realizing. It's still spring here and I'm still in the discovery stage of what is here waiting to pop up from the ground.