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Friday, July 23, 2010

I Could Kick Myself!

I have had a volunteer vine in my garden that I even made a netting for it to climb. I wasn't sure if it was a cucumber, a squash, or a melon. I'd been checking it for fruit but never saw a one. It had loads of flowers, but never seemed to set fruit. Today I decided that is was time to take it out so that the zucchini next to it would have more space. I cut down the netting and dragged the plant to the compost bin. As I cut it out of the netting ...ACK! There was its fruit! In fact there were three of them of various sizes and they looked like melons!

How stupid could I be! I suppose if it hadn't been a volunteer I would have pampered it more after all I have some pepper plants that haven't set any fruit yet either.

I did manage to get quite a harvest of tomatoes today and plan to make more sauce.