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Friday, October 2, 2020

New England Fall


Answers to some questions posed on other posts.

TahoeGirl asked why we had relocated to New Hampshire. 

Our oldest daughter has lived here and in Vermont since graduating from Dartmouth in 2003.  We kid her that she got the granite of NH in her brains when we first brought her on a visit to the state when she was two.  She and her husband who hails from GA have settled in to the way of life here.  Our two oldest granddaughters live here. 

Our second daughter was a world traveler and lived and worked in China after college.  She returned to MD, got a graduate degree from Georgetown, married and settled in MD not far from us.  When her husband completed his MBA he was recruited by a firm based in Buffalo and off they went in summer of 2019 with our youngest granddaughter.

That left us with neither daughter close by.  We realized our isolation from them when Covid hit and we lived in a retirement community that basically shut down to avoid infections. In April we made the decision to move from MD and weighed Buffalo v. New Hampshire and the latter won out.  Daughter in Buffalo fine with our decision not to settle in NY state near them.  

Two plus months after moving here in July we have no regrets.

TahoeGirl also asked if this area of NH is liberal.

Lots of Black Lives Matter signs, Biden/Harris signs out number the other one, the newspaper has more anti-tRump editorials than those favoring him, so yes to that question.

Margaret asked the difference between Vermont and New Hampshire.

The former has income taxes and the latter none. Vermont's population is less.  More services there and less in NH.  Both have Republican governors at present but heavily Democratic in Congress for both. Vermont seems to be more environmentally committed than NH.  That's my sense of it.