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Friday, September 21, 2018

Blogger Sign in Issues Continue

Many of you have commented that you stay signed in to blogger all the time.  That was the case with me too.  In the last couple of months I'd discovered I wasn't signed in because my comments on your blogs wouldn't take.  The problem has only been getting worse.

In returning to my blog this is what I'd see in top right corner.

So I click on sign in and it takes me to this page.  I can post, no problem.

I click on view blog and get this again.

This means I can't edit portions of my blog from that page, like adding to my book list.

When I go to some of your blogs it shows that I'm not signed in and I can't comment.

If I comment on my blog it shows I'm signed in.  Some of you have this same set up and I can comment.

I'm so totally frustrated!