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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Saturday Walk

 A very cold Saturday.  Temperature in the teens.  Sun setting behind the mountain.
But how could we pass up an invitation to take a walk in the woods when granddaughter called.

We headed off across this field behind our house.

Matt had on a hat that came from Harbin, China - the Chinese Siberia. Granddaughters know how to dress too.

Taking a look at the stream, most of which is frozen solid.

But no one dares to walk on it.  Much too dangerous in this weather if you fell in.

We followed the stream 

before heading up to Porcupine Hill.  Granddaughters named it after seeing a porcupine here one summer day.

This was once a field for grazing as evidenced by the stone wall laying half hidden in the snow.

I was not as prepared for the cold and headed home before the rest.  I know now to wear gloves and mittens and one or two more layers in this weather.

The sun is long gone from where we walked but it still has the hill behind home lit up.

Hot tea awaits me at home!

The rest will join me for hot cocoa after body sledding down a crevice in Porcupine Hill.