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Monday, January 10, 2022

Barn: Before Through Now

This is our barn as it looked December [correction: thanks Barbara!] 2020 when we moved here.


In the above photo it shows a sliding barn door on the far right. An opening once existed to the left of that sliding door but was nailed shut. The door to the very far left was also nailed shut.

Dan did the work to remove the flooring where the cement floor would be poured.  He also removed the loft above that space and a neighbor down the road took the wood.

Work started in June to raise the sill on the right to level the barn. The second opening was revealed. Our driveway was a mix of grass and dirt.


Below the new cement floor has been poured by late summer.

And then the driveway grading could be completed.  We could park the car under cover.

Original barn whisperer was MIA so Dan spoke to a neighbor who jumped at chance to do phase 2 - replace the rotten sill to the left of the doorways on this east side, build doors, fix the windows and replace the rotten clapboard. What Dan didn't count on was that he was hiring a boss. Tony's estimate was discounted because of the amount of work that he expected Dan to contribute.  Dan has been out there working every day with Tony and even after Tony has departed for the day. And this has been happening since December 11th in all sorts of temperatures.

What we are calling the garden room door is to the left in photo below. The door above the center window served no purpose so once the clap board was removed, it disappeared.

Photo below was taken Sunday morning through a window.  It was a cold blustery day but you can see the new doors and new clap board. Phase 2 completed. On to phase 3.

Below: The south side of the barn is phase 3. Photo taken Saturday while I was snow shoeing through the field.

In the photo most of the clap board has been removed and  Dan and Tony are attaching braces for a platform to reach the upper part. They completed removing the clap board which Dan burned in our fire pit.  It never got above freezing yesterday.

The upper window will be converted to a transom window to allow for air circulation in the rec room up there.

The backside (western side) will be phase 4 and the north side phase 5. Come spring or early summer the whole barn will get a good coat of paint but not red!

Stay tuned.