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Monday, July 20, 2015

Harvest Monday: 20 July

Lots of parsley and its lovely.  I used a big bunch in a chicken pot pie and another time in a mushroom side dish I like to make.

Bush beans just starting.  I scared a rabbit out of the garden on Sunday and I know its going for the beans.  Thankfully they are not new shoots so I'll let the rabbit nibble for now.

Blossom end rot got the Goldie tomato and I'm having some blight problems so had to pick some green tomatoes.
Cucumbers doing nicely.

Two more Juliette tomatoes and these lovely mild jalapeƱos.  I slit off the tops and stuffed with pepper jack cheese and tried to grill them.  I forgot to put them on foil so when the cheese started oozing out I transferred them to a pan on the stove top.  Though they still were a bit crisp, it was a nice combination with the soft melted cheese.