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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Early Morning on a Hot Day

Tuesday was forecast to be a scorcher with strong thunderstorms later in the day.  I knew I needed to mow the backyard so before 8 am I was out there.  First though I took a walk around with camera in hand.  So many new flowers are in bloom.  The Perennial Garden is filled with the fragrance of the white Easter lilies.  Never have I had so many blooms.

Can you smell them?

Here's another lily in bloom.

And the astilbe.

This gorgeous phlox came from an internet friend.  Don't you love the striping on the petals?

The trellis is filling up with a moon flower vine.  There are buds on there so I will watch for it to bloom.

This day lily outside Dan's study has massive blooms.

Another daylily making an appearance.

The Deer Protection Plan * is keeping the deer out with one exception this morning.  Dan called to me early this morning that a deer and fawn were outside the gate. Unfortunately the fishing line from the right of that gate to the stone wall was high and the fawn was going under it.  I told Dan to shoo them away but when he went out his study door the doe went to the right away from the backyard and the fawn ran to the left into the yard.
*More background on the D. P. Plan here.

You can't see the fishing line that's below the fence line. 

The fawn ran to almost the swing and then ducked through the fence and I guess missed the fishing line.  I did look to see if it broke the fishing line but the underbrush has grown up beyond the fence and obscures the line.

You can see that the hosta are fully grown and lovely with no deer damaged leaves.  I want to keep it that way especially as the hosta put up flower buds which the deer savor.

I will go out this morning and put up more line at the point the fawn entered, lower this time, and also to the left of this end of the Glen Garden which is another possible easy entry point.  I'll also be heavily spraying with liquid fence at those points.

The predicted storms came through with lots of heavy rain, thunder and lightning.  Luckily we missed the hail and strong winds.  The humidity is lower so I've turned off the AC for now and opened the house to the birdsongs and breezes.