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Friday, August 14, 2015

August Vacation Trip (3 of 4)

Hike to Pine Creek in Grand Canyon of the East.

Taking the Turkey Path Trail we headed down to the bottom of the canyon.  1 mile down and 1 back up.  I came last because going down I wanted to be sure of my footing without worrying about moving too slow for someone behind me.

Granddaughter rode in the backpack. Her mom, Emily, transported her down and Dan brought her back up.

Here's Four Mile Run visible through the trees.

One of several waterfalls.

Granddaughter taking a break from the back pack points out the waterfall.

She tried to hike some of it.

The most dramatic of the waterfalls.

At the bottom of the canyon we admired the creek.

Across on the other side was this stone sculpture.

The Pine Creek Trail through the canyon is a former railroad bed.  Now there's access points for bicycles and wagon rides.

Heading back up passed the waterfall again.

Climbing the stairs was the worst part of going up.

The trail was more gradual a climb.

Almost at the top, Emily & Matt paused for this photo.

I was the last one back up, but I was proud that I'd made it.